About us

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Hi there! We are a young, innovative company from Vorarlberg. Our products make life easier for people who have to take medication every day or when needed. Here we tell you what positive effects a medication management system has - and why we care about your health!



There are times in life when the human body relies on medical support - be it after an accident, due to an acute or chronic illness, or at an advanced age. Taking medication is part of everyday life for many people.

In order for medicines to have their optimal effect, they must be taken regularly and at the right time. If this is not the case, the medicinal effect is weakened and side effects can increase.

It is often not easy to keep an overview: which medication do I have to take every evening? Which pills should I never take in the morning? In addition, there is the amount of medication packaging and leaflets that are lying around in the medicine chest. Which belongs to whom? Which diseases and ailments does it help with? How should it be taken?

Thanks to our many years of experience in emergency medicine, we are familiar with the problems associated with drug management - and have set ourselves a goal: put an end to the chaos, we will bring order in !

For this reason we have developed the PillBase products. We would like to support you in taking care of your health - with compact, everyday and above all safe medication management systems:

  • You store your medication, packaging and blister packs - clearly and at hand at all times.
  • You take your medication at the right time every day.
  • You improve revenue compliance.
  • You minimize the risk of confusion and avoid errors in dosing.
  • You always have your medication with you wherever you go
  • You ensure order in your medicine cabinet - by labeling your medication (owner, dose, application, effects, etc.).
  • You always know where your eCard, doctor's letters, appointment cards, diagnostic letters and other health documents are.
  • You have an everyday, user-friendly, modular and above all safe system!