Simon Brei und Claudio Errico, GF PillBase

Medications under control – Vorarlberg duo invents medical management system

Simon Brei and Claudio Errico, GF Pillbase Simon Brei and Claudio Errico, GF Pillbase Anyone who has to take several tablets regularly or who is preparing to take them correctly, for example for older relatives, knows the problem: It is very difficult to keep an overview. Getting plister and package inserts back into the box after opening them sometimes borders on an unwanted game of skill. Caregivers first have to laboriously inquire or search for and check the information on the necessary tablet intake. If it is up to the busy Vorarlberg inventor duo with many years of emergency experience, that is now the end. “Our invention with the sonorous name Pillbase is the first solution to this problem. It combines drug storage, weekly dispensers and holders for important medical documents, such as doctor’s letters, e-cards, emergency contacts, … in a compact, flexibly expandable management system, ”says Claudio Errico, CEO of Pillbase. In addition to the practical factors of having your medication properly and clearly under control, there is also the safety aspect of the innovation. Claudio Errico has been volunteering as a medic for more than 15 years. He was regularly confronted with the fact that important time was lost during operations because patients and / or caregivers had no overview of the necessary medication and important health information, data and documents. After 2.5 years of development, the drug classification system will be available in Austrian pharmacies and an online shop from April and will put an end to the chaos of tablets in Austrian households. Source: Wirtschaftszeit