PillBase Basic

Store your tablets in an clever & uncomplicated manner and keep track of the correct intake day after day, from morning until night time. You can also keep your eCard, doctor’s appointment cards and medication lists. Your safe and easy system

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Good if it’s easy! And with PillBase Basic you now have a clear system with which you can store your medication and take it correctly.
Your documents, doctor cards and other important notes are always at hand.

All benefits at a glance

  • You store your pills safely and clearly.
  • You know when to take which medication: Monday to Sunday, in the morning, at noon, in the evening and night
  • all your important things / infos at one place: eCard, doctor appointment register, medicine list and medical reports,
    relatives and emergency phone numbers etc.
  • you have a compact and modular plug-in system: the lower pill drawers can be split off from the weekly dispenser
    and transported separately



The basic module with weekly dispenser

the basic module consists of a main body with six pill box drawers, a weekly dispenser and holders for medication lists, health insurance cards and doctor’s appointments.

The basic module with expansion module and weekly dispenser

Each basic module can be supplemented with additional expansion modules. Each extension offers you the functional scope of a basic module.

Store medication – in the medicine drawer

You can easily store the tablet blister and package inserts in the individual drawers.

Filling the weekly dispenser

Monday to Sunday, in the morning, at noon, in the evening, at night – fill the weekly dispenser and keep an overview. Take your medication at the right time – for sure! The labeling is easy to read and understand.

Document and card holders

Each module includes a bracket on both sides. With a clip you attach your eCard or appointment cards from doctors. There is also enough space for medication lists, medical reports and other important information.

Clear dosage and drug designation

The scope of delivery includes several dosage labels with which you can easily label the medication drawers. In addition, each drawer has a slot on the front for the description of the medication.

Important emergency numbers at a glance

On the front of the dispenser you can enter the national emergency number, telephone numbers of your relatives and the data of your family doctor.

Flexible and modular system

Thanks to the modular, expandable plug-in system, you can easily separate the dispenser and the modules from one another and thus transport them separately.